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Wedding Bells

Ever since I was a little girl, I have LOVED weddings. Attending them, watching them on tv & movies, listening to plans for them, looking at pictures of them, reading articles about them, as well as dreaming of my own. Up till this past July (when I got married), I had saved every wedding invitation & program from the weddings that I had been to, so when it came time to plan my own wedding, I had lots of ideas & inspiration. “The Wedding Planner” has always been one of my all-time favorite movies, and I’ve dreamt about being J-Lo in that movie and doing EXACTLY what she does for a job. I cannot even count how many times I’ve seen that movie. I guess you could say my dream job has always been to be a Wedding Planner/Coordinator. When my husband and I were planning our wedding, our church set us up with a wedding coordinator. I was a little skeptical right away, not knowing exactly why we would need a wedding coordinator (ask my friends & family – I was planning on doing 99.9% of the wedding planning myself!) Ha! I thought wrong. Our wedding coordinator was AMAZING & was willing to do anything for us. She was so detail-oriented & organized. And I thought I was detail-oriented & organized! But she thought of things that hadn’t even crossed my mind. I emailed her multiple times per day in the weeks leading up to the wedding & she knew the answers right away (and if she didn’t, she was well on her way to finding the answer out for me!) The day of our wedding I was able to relax, knowing she was taking care of the little details all around. And our day turned out perfect!

About a month ago, my friend Jen asked me to be their “Wedding Day Coordinator” for their wedding. I was surprised, speechless, and scared. My dream was coming true, but I was scared to say yes. Doubt flooded my mind. {“I’ve never done this before. I won’t know what I’m doing. I don’t want to disappoint her. But this might be a good opportunity for me; good experience. Should I say yes? No, I can’t…ugh, I don’t know.”} I knew I needed to answer her quickly, because, hello, she was a bride-to-be that needed to figure these things out & I knew how it felt to be in her position! I emailed her back & said I would be happy to do it, but that I would definitely need more details regarding what my duties would be. Long story short, her wedding was this past Saturday, and I had a great time as their Wedding Day Coordinator! A few people in the wedding party asked if that was my full-time job. I had to laugh, as I told them I had NEVER done this before! But it was such a compliment & I had multiple people tell me that I was doing a great job & that they would even refer me!

My main duties were:

  • *Be available all day as the “go-to” person for anything
  • *Make sure everyone knows what they are doing all day
  • Transport flowers & the bride from hotel to reception site for photos
  • Make sure bride’s honeymoon bags got in the groom’s car
  • Help Personal Attendants with anything they needed
  • Help photographer with family photos
  • Get programs, direction cards, communion, lighters, & guest book in place for ceremony
  • Help with the bridal party entrance into ceremony with timing, spacing, etc. (for the rehearsal & day-of)
  • Make sure the bride & groom sign the marriage certificate after ceremony
  • Make sure vendors get cards & final payments (photographers, videographers, host & hostess, reception band)
  • Assist the reception host & hostess with knowing when to announce things (bride & groom entrance, prayer, speeches, first dance, etc.)

I was exhausted by the end of the night, but I think overall, the day went very smoothly! I had a few people ask me questions that I had NO IDEA how to answer them, but I tried to find out right away & get back to them (most of them were not on my list of information from the bride & groom, so I had to ask). There were also questions about normal “wedding etiquette” that I actually knew how to answer right away…I think because of my many years of being interested in weddings. (For photos, do guys have right hand over left, or left over right? Who walks down the grandparents & parents, & in what order? What side to the guys/girls walk on? How do the guys/girls have their hands & arms while walking down the aisle? Who sits in the first two rows on each side?)

I’ve been thinking about it, and I might contact our wedding coordinator from our wedding & get more information from her. It would be nice to get more experience, just to see if I would really like to do this. I’m not sure if I would want to work for a company (like a hotel, golf course, event center, or church), or if I would like to just do it on my own on the side. I know in the long run, I would not want to be busy every weekend doing weddings, maybe only 5-10 a year, or possibly one wedding a month. I guess we’ll see what happens! If nothing else, it was a fun day & good experience! 🙂

A few pictures from my day as a "Wedding Day Coordinator"
A few pictures from my day as a “Wedding Day Coordinator”

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