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Meal Planning

This week I started something new. I realized some weeks I’ve been going to the grocery store multiple times (per week). I’ve never really “meal planned.” I typically just think about dinner in the morning or afternoon and figure out if I need to set out chicken, turkey, fish, etc. to thaw. If I realized I needed bread or eggs or lettuce or…you name it…I would quickly run to the store so I would have the ingredients for dinner.

This week I realized that way of doing things needed to change. So on Monday morning, I sat down at my desk with a notebook, pen, and my computer open to Pinterest (just so I could get some ideas). I decided I would give “meal planning” a chance…and that way, I only had to go to the grocery store ONCE a week, instead of just whenever I needed things. I hope to sit down and do this every Sunday night or Monday morning, and do all my grocery shopping on Mondays. I started by planning only for dinners, because my husband and I usually don’t have breakfast or lunch together during the week. I just always try to have things on hand like bread for toast or sandwiches, tortillas for wraps or quesadillas, lettuce for sandwiches or salads, yogurt, fruit, and cereal or oatmeal. Then if I run out of something, I will put it on the list of groceries to get on the following Monday.

Here is my 1st week of Meal Planning (We are out of town this weekend, so I only did Monday-Thursday):

Monday – Grilled Chicken & Asparagus

Tuesday – Taco Lettuce Wraps

Wednesday – Chicken Stir Fry with Veggies

Thursday – Tilapia, Rice or Quinoa, & Broccoli

[*If we have leftovers, we usually eat those for lunch the next day]

After figuring out what I wanted to make each night, I looked through our kitchen to see what ingredients we already had. Then I made my grocery list based off of that. I also always look through the coupons from the Sunday paper to see if I can get any good deals on what I need. I’m hoping this whole process will help me stay organized & save time & money!

P.S. I’m also lucky that I have a husband who isn’t picky about food – He’ll just eat whatever I make him! Hopefully, once we have kids someday, they will be the same way! 😉

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