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Easy Makeup Routine for the Busy Mom

Since becoming a mom, I’ve realized how little time to myself I get (especially being a SAHM). Anyone else’s baby always wake up as soon as you get in the shower?! Griffin’s nap time is really the only time I have to shower and get ready, so I always try to hurry so I can maybe get a few minutes to switch the laundry and wash some dishes. I used to love taking my time while getting ready, but I can’t anymore. So I thought I’d share my EASY daily makeup routine & the 5 products I use!




 I have way more makeup than this, but these are the main 5 products I use daily for a super easy, quick routine:

  1. Face Cream/Lotion
  2. Concealer
    • CoverGirl Invisible Concealer
    • I’ve never been a fan of liquid foundation, but if I have zits, dark eye circles, or other blemishes to cover up, I just use concealer. And sometimes I use CoverGirl Loose Powder if I feel like my face is oily or just needs to be covered more (but this I do at the very end)
  3. Eyeliner
  4. Eye Shadow
  5. Mascara


I also always have chapstick on hand everywhere I go, but if I’m going out to dinner or just feel like adding some color to my lips, I use these lip glosses or lip sticks.

  1. bareMinerals Pop of Passion Lip Oil-Balm
    • I have 4 different shades (Candy Pop, Plumberry Pop, Punch Pop, & Pink Passion). These are somewhat more of a lip stick/stain, and I usually don’t wear lip stick, but I love these. Plus, I got these free, so you can’t get better than that!
    • For Christmas this past year, my sister-in-law got me the bareMinerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipcolor, and I love this as well.
  2. Younique Lucrative Lip Gloss
    • I have the “Lavish” color. It’s a fun gloss that has a sparkly shine to it.
  3. Wishin’ I was Kissin’ by Perfectly Posh
    • I have the Ra-Ra Raspberry. It smells really good & is a high-shine lip gloss.

I just started using bareMinerals makeup last year after a trip my husband and I took to Napa, California for his work. One of the head Marketing people for bareMinerals was at his event and she brought lots of full-size samples for me to try, and I loved them! Two of my cousins sell Younique makeup, so that’s how I first tried their makeup. Both bareMinerals & Younique are great companies and use more natural ingredients, which I love. I want to eventually switch over all my makeup products to bareMinerals, Younique, and I’ve been wanting to try Beauty Counter as well since I’ve heard good things about their products too.

So cheers mommas to spending 5-10 minutes on yourself! (And hoping that your kid(s) takes a good long nap!) 🙂

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